Client: Hermes/Bouygues Batiment International Cyprus Branch

The shopping centre is located in the east of the Larnaca International Airport compound. The development includes 58,700sqm (632,000sq ft) of retail and entertainment space on the ground and above two levels with car parking to the east and west. The centre is approached from a three storey entrance foyer, and includes information facilities, retail areas (major, intermediate and small), food courts, children’s play areas, cinemas/theatres, tourist and cultural areas, a gallery, viewing platforms and independent restaurants. The external expression is designed for both day and night viewing and includes the roof facade as a major additional element. During the day, the green roof and the malls articulate the form from the air whilst at night the malls and metal facades glow with varied patterns. A central atrium forms the heart of the development located at the intersection of the malls. The ‘body’ of the shopping centre is formed by six coloured concrete structural pods clad in lightweight metallic facades with varied patterns, scales, proportions, colours and textures.

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