The site is bound to the north by the A12 (Eastern Avenue) and to the south by Clarence Avenue and is well served by existing public transport systems. The total development will provide a food store of 2,800 sqm with 236 car spaces and 167 residential units of which 32 are affordable. The total gross development area is 29,000sqm.

Redbridge Council have identified the regeneration of the Gants Hill area as a high priority to provide additional retail and residential space with specific requirements for a large superstore that can serve the local community and commuters passing through. This is identified within GH6 of the Gants Hill Area Action Plan.


The mixed-use development includes a public library, children’s nursery, a large food store and private and affordable residential accommodation. At the ground level, access is provided to the food store car park, the residential entrances. The travelator pod provide access to the first floor sales level. At the eastern corner of the site the library occupies the prime ground and first levels with the nursery above on the second and third levels including  rooftop amenity space. The residential accommodation is located on eight upper levels with a linear form fronting the A12 and ‘U’ shaped courtyard configurations facing south towards the residential district. The residential cores are positioned to the extremities of the development to allow for uninterrupted food store space at the lower levels. 

The massing is expressed as a series on horizontal layers that visually identify the mixed use nature of the development. The interplay between horizontal and vertical expressions diminishes the impact of scale and offers unique character. Within the courtyards the façades are heavily modelled to take full advantage of views to the surrounding southerly context. These layers of expression are countered by the vertical emphasis of the library which acts as a major node and focus with external freestanding kiosks and animating the east close to the heart of Gants Hill.


Mixed Use / Commercial​




29,000 sqm



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