The Kernel Court student accommodation project is situated on Walnut Tree Close which runs northwards from the gyratory towards the A3, 1 km (0.6 miles) from the town centre mainline railway station and is located on the edge of the University of Surrey campus. The proposal will strengthen Walnut Tree Close frontage and create private amenity space within a perimeter development. The buildings will define the street frontages and provide secure enclosure for a major central space. Within the courtyard, the main common room and the house units act as 'pavilions' animating the space.

The buildings which include 346 rooms are subdivided into three sections which break down visual scale. The highest section of the development focuses on the north west corner providing panoramic views to the surroundings. This element is located away from the public realm and close to the railway line junction. The elevation treatments are based on contextual influences and functional requirement merging to present a harmonious and calm aesthetic. Generally, the cluster apartment rooms have a punched hole in wall treatment with the larger studios and common rooms expressed with larger framed openings.


Student Accommodation


Feasibility Study​


12,027 sqm Student Accommodation

407 sqm Retail


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Alpha House

187-189-191 Royal College Street



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