The Stagecoach Bus Depot site extends 1.43 acres and is located within the central area of Exeter. The Bus Depot has a large open space in the centre with administrative office buildings on the south west frontage with a surrounding brick wall enclosure.


The development is five levels at Belgrave Road and four at Bampfylde Street with two additional levels within the site at right angles to the adjoining streets. The general datums are contextual within the surroundings which are predominantly at four to five levels.


The proposal includes routes through the site connecting the development to the existing urban grain, three contained and varied courtyards and defined built form to the street edges in all directions. The development will provide active frontages to the northwest in the form of retail and will recreate street frontages to Belgrave Road, Bampfylde Street and Cheeke Street. The series of new routes and connections through the site will activate the frontages and also break down the existing barriers increasing accessibility through the site. The floor plans are based on a regular grid with 14.2m for the building widths and a minimum of 18m open space between. This allows for efficient use for the internal cluster planning and efficient net to gross ratios.


Student Accommodation




23,210 sqm



Downing Group

The Kalyvides Partnership

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Alpha House

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