The master plan has the potential for 2,500,000 sq ft of mixed-use development south of Earls Court and covers 16 acres within the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.


The proposed uses include shopping, private and affordable living, working space, leisure and community facilities. In the1940’s the Victorian figure ground street patterns were destroyed to make way for large-scale monolithic public housing development. In the process the streetscape connections and linkages were severed resulting in isolated housing estates lacking identity with poorly defined surrounding open spaces.


The master plan area includes the Clement Attlee estate, Stafford Cripps House, and lands bound by North End Road and Lille Road. The key components of the master plan is the creation of a central plaza with identity directly accessed from Lillie Road to the north, North End Road to the east, Hugh Dalton Avenue from the west and St Thomas’s Way in the south. From this central area a series of connected green defined spaces form the structure for development. The redistribution of bulk and mass allows appropriate scale pedestrian friendly streetscapes with secure and attractive living environments. New gateways, access, connections, links, junctions, nodes, vistas, primary and secondary frontages are proposed increasing the legibility and creating a ‘genius loci’ for this quarter of West London.


Master Plan​ning


Detailed Planning to Completion


23.2 hectares​



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