Client: Anglesea Group Ltd

The sites are in Hackney fronting onto Homerton High Street and are split into two zones. The scheme offers 313 private and affordable apartments with a total area of 24,000sqm (258,000sqft). At the ground level the frontages are activated with employment uses including retail, restaurants, cafes, offices and studios. The development configuration respects the boundary alignments and frontages on Homerton High Street and the returns facing Link Street and Shepherd’s Lane. Internal spaces are created by three semi-enclosed courtyard spaces which interconnect and link back to the streetscape. The Homerton Street buildings vary in height from seven to nine levels and a connecting bridge visually links the two sites as a whole. To the south the built form reduces to four levels offering a more relaxed height to width relationship between building form and open amenity space. The building elements are individually expressed to offer an appropriate scale and relationship with the surrounding context whilst expressing distinct character.

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Alpha House

187-189-191 Royal College Street

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