This is the largest urban redevelopment in the UK, with the master planning process led by the development of a comprehensive open space strategy to create a new quarter in London.


The gross development area is 390,000 sqm (4,200,000 sq ft) involving extensive regeneration of the ward and landmark focal development to the centre. The open space strategy relies on diverting traffic from the centre, decanting and redistributing poor existing residential and business spaces.


The master plan identifies a system of connected streets, squares, parks and gardens forming a framework around which new, existing and future developments can be structured.  It ensures that the identity of the area is retained and enhanced and the public realm is given back to the local people. The master plan aims to achieve an exemplary urban environment encouraging sustainable life styles and will allow its inhabitants to be proud of its heritage and distinctive buildings and spaces.


The master plan includes a new public park, transportation and passenger interchange, high rise buildings for living, a shopping centre, apartment and housing development for private and affordable and a quarter for living and working. The residential population will increase and the whole of South London will be revitalised providing a desirable place to live and visit within a lively and dynamic environment minutes away from the City of London.


Master Planning


Master Plan Submission / Incorporated into Southwark Guidelines


39 hectares​


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