The South Grove Site is located within the Borough of Waltham Forest Council and is identified within the Walthamstow Town Centre AAP area. The site is divided into two with site one to the South Grove frontage covering 6,240 sq m (0.624 hectares) and the site two to the rear adjoining the railway line with 5,410 sq m (0.541 hectares). The two sites total 11,650 sq m (1.165 hectares). The master plan is for both sites.


The design strives to achieve redefined street frontages to South Grove, strengthen permeable routes through the site, increasing connectivity and breaking down barriers. Defined and protected courtyard open spaces as development amenity whilst buffering the elevated railway line route from the sites in terms of visual and environmental amenity. The street massing is broken down into identifiable individual components to reduce scale, providing a focus at the south westerly junction of the site as a marker, and organising the building geometries and axes to respect the evolving figure ground patterns. The proposal is for a mix of uses including retail to the west at ground level, commercial warehouse space and mixed residential accommodation at the upper levels. A residential car park is located at the ground level with the commercial servicing loading bay proposed to the east of site accessed from the shared route with the neighbouring food store development. The cores to the residential development are located to the perimeters, punctuating the ground level uses. The residential plan for the residential accommodation is organised to include individual discrete cores. The massing for the development includes a range of building heights from 3 levels rising to 8 in some parts. Generally the larger scale elements are located close to the railway alignment to the north and the more reduced scales within the centre of the site flanking the access road between the two sites and also closer to the town centre on the western edges of the development areas.


Mixed Use / Residential​


Planning​ to Detail Design


478 sqm retail

18,603 sqm residential



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