The North End Road site is 3.45 acres bounded by Lillie Road to the north and North End Road to the east. North End Road is a major traditional retail high street with a market that acts a magnet for the local population. The proposal will reinstate permeable street connections through the site, revitalising the rear servicing areas and internal roads, breaking down existing barriers and creating a network of usable pedestrian spaces and landscaped amenity areas.


The development comprises of mixed use buildings including retail at the ground level with private and affordable residential accommodation on upper levels. The development is designed in two phases with massing ranging from four to nine levels above ground. The scheme provides 536 residential units with 15 retail units, restaurants, a café, a specialist bar and a food store.


Building one is configured in a linear form with three projecting ‘fingers’ creating street definition at Lillie Road whilst also offering extended views from within and beyond the site boundaries. Building two acts as a transitional building between new and the old retained facades of the Goose public house with the food store at the ground level. Building three is the largest of the three, and is located within a deeper plot focused around two internal courtyards with defining perimeter development.


Mixed use / Residential​




17,292 sqm



Metropolitan and Suburban Ltd /

The Kalyvides Partnership

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Alpha House

187-189-191 Royal College Street



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