Client: Metropolitan and Suburban Ltd/ Revcap

The site is located within the Clem Attlee Estate and adjoins Edith Summerskill House. The proposal includes the demolition of the exiting 9 unit terrace to provide a newly configured building on the ground floor and five additional levels offering 37 affordable units with  5 units per level. The plan configuration is ‘T’ shaped with a single core on axis with Hartismere road to the south and aligned with the Frank Beswick Buildings to the north. The development also terminates the vista from St Thomas’s Way to the west.


The building is masonry construction with corten metal spandrel panels and a configured upper level in Ruukki metal cladding panels. The corner at St Thomas’s Way is recognised with projecting bay windows and combined with the glass balconies, animate the facades. 

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Alpha House

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